Telephone Directory

Name Designation Office Phone Number Office Fax Number Email Residential Address
Administrative Wing
Shri Ashok Kumar Under Secretary (Public, RTI, CR, Message & CAPIO) 4761 - a[DOT]kumar[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in 12, Sch. 'B', President's Estate
Smt. Rubina Chauhan Under Secretary (DDO, Welfare & Museum) 4542 - rubina[DOT]chauhan[AT]nic[DOT]in 13, Sch. 'B', President's Estate
Smt. Usha Shashidharan Under Secretary (O&M, E-Gov and Records ) 4438 - usha[DOT]shashidharan[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in 30, Sch. 'B', President's Estate
Shri Bharat Bhushan Under Secretary (GA & Library) 4625 - b[DOT]bhushan[DOT]rb[AT]nic[DOT]in Type IV/9, Sch 'B', President's Estate
Shri Pankaj Saurabh Under Secretary (EBA, CA-III and Garden) 4762 - pankaj[DOT]saurabh[AT]nic[DOT]in 33, Sch. 'B', President's Estate
Shri J.K. Sharma Principal Private Secretary 4380 - sharma[DOT]jk[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in 17, Park Street
Smt. Kiran Bala Principal Private Secretary 4442 - dpspps[DOT]rb[AT]gmail[DOT]com 19, Sch. 'B', President's Estate
Military Wing
Lt Gen CP Cariappa, AVSM, SM, VSM Military Secretary to the President 23016754, 4222 23014570 msp[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in 4, MTC, Sch. A, President's Estate
GP Capt Anuj Gupta Deputy Military Secretary to the President 23012959, 4230 23014570 dmsp[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in 10, President's Estate
Capt (IN) G S Kalkat Comptroller, President's Household 23014522, 4223 23017055 cph[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in -


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