Circular Garden

Circular Garden Farthest of all, the Circular Garden is also known as the Sunken Garden or Pearl Garden because of its shape. Originally called the Butterfly Garden, Lutyens said, “I am making a butterfly garden—of all the plants butterflies like.” Its amphitheater like structure is contained by rings of flower beds that are planted with fragrant varieties of stock, phlox and pansies of different colours, marigold, viola, alyssum and many more.

Circular Garden The garden contains more than 30 varieties of seasonal flowers including Dahlias that are upto eight feet in height and are grown around the circular wall of the garden. Tulips have been the latest addition to this garden.

A bubble fountain concealed in a circular pond forms the centre of this garden. The pond has Lotus flowers and is edged with calendula and marigold. It is interesting to note that, a distillation unit is also installed next to the Circular garden for distillation of essential oils of aromatic and herbal plants from the Rashtrapati Bhavan Gardens. Demonstrations are also given to farmers during the annual Udyanotsav festival.

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