Telephone Directory

Designation Name Office Phone Number Office Fax Number Email Residential Address
Dy. Press Secretary to the President Ms. Shamima Siddiqui 23793528 4442 23010252 (FAX) dps[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in 11, Park Streeet
Officer on Special Duty (Office of Secretary, Research & Reference) Shri Shakil Alam 23793893 4361 osdrr[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in D-I/98, Rabinder Nagar
Addl. Comptroller, President’s Household Ms. Anita Bimal 23015462 4664 acph-rb[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in D-II/19, Sch. A, President’s Estate
Deputy Secretary (Admn, Estt. & Transport) Shri J.G. Subramanian 4285 jg.subramanian[AT]nic[DOT]in D-II/17, Sch-A, President's Estate
Officer on Special Duty (Hindi) Smt. Anandi Gusain 23019852 4261 - -
Additional Private Secretary to the President Shri Pradyut Guha 23792133 4509 pradyut.guha[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in Type-VA/21, Sch. A President’s Estate
Additional Private Secretary Shri Mrinal Kanti Mookerjee 23792055 4546 - -
Joint Director Smt. Anjali B.M. Bakshi 23013116 4509 osdab[AT]rb[DOT]nic[DOT]in -
Officer on Special Duty(AR) Shri Abhijeet Rai 23015685 4688 23017290 a.rai[AT]nic[DOT]in C-II/13, Sch. B, President’s Estate
Officer on Special Duty Dr. Kanhaiya Tripathi 4527 25, Sch. B , President’s Estate


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